Pipe Dreams and Fantasies

Sailing into the horizon in a private yacht, having a walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw, winning the Nobel Prize, or maybe just having one day wherein you have absolutely no work or responsibilities to handle. These are the moments that drag us away from paying the rent money or rushing through the last-minute exam syllabus, while some moments pass by in the blink of an eye, others remain lodged in our minds for as long as possible. It’s the world of pipe dreams and reveries, a world visited often and lovingly by many, it’s the world of fantasies.

I’ve been a daydreamer since childhood, and sometimes there’s nothing I like better than lounging about and transporting myself to Fantasy Land, whipping up the most creative and quirky scenarios for myself. As a kid, my daydreaming often landed me in trouble as I would be raptured by my thoughts at 7AM on a school day, sitting on the rocking chair in my balcony, toothbrush in hand, blithely unconcerned about getting late for school. The number of times I’ve been scolded for my reverie has escaped my count, and to this day my parents question me on what I used to ponder about so seriously. In those days, I would probably have been dreaming of bagging the prized gold medal at the school ceremony, or maybe just fancying some pasta for lunch! And as time passed, I grew up, my perceptions developed, my fantasies changed, but the fantasizing didn’t.

While asking for people’s opinions on fantasises, the replies more or less boiled down to one thing; when people fantasise, they have control of what’s happening around them, even if that’s not the case in reality. Be it pipe dreams like becoming a billionaire overnight or something as simple as having one’s own house, the length and breadth of those thoughts escape the naked eye, and the absence of boundaries gives people dopamine-like feelings. In a world that is driven by multifold rules, standards and regulations, the escape has become necessary. The pressure to prove yourself, the competition that can crush you within minutes, the strive to wake up every day and hustle can sometimes become mundane and perhaps suffocating. And of course, those times when nothing seems to be going right, and we’re puppets of life’s twisted wiles. At our lowest points, sitting back for a few moments and letting the mind wander into a better place can occasionally bring about the silver lining within, and a faint smile on the lips.

Someone told me that there are people who live their entire lives in their dreams and fantasies, stumping me. There was something depressing about that statement, and it was saddening to find out that sometimes reality is completely shunned for a world in our minds. But who can we blame? A social media-savvy generation like ours has access to the world and everyone’s business on our fingertips. Looking through photos and videos of beach vacations, road trips, regal weddings and so much more makes our surroundings bleak and dreary. I myself have dreamed of countless road trips, travels and parties, sometimes wishing that life was a tad more exciting. And in those thoughts, I forgot that reality isn’t all that bad and I’ve much to be happy for. The border between daydream fantasies and obsessive, destructive ones is extremely thin, and crossing from the first threshold to the latter is scarily easy. The escape from reality is only temporary, prolonging it will only sap the essence and beauty out of it.

Fantasises can help you escape the boredom of a Physics class, it can push you to work days and nights in order to achieve what you dream of, it can bring a smile on your face while listening to a particular song, it can also push you away from reality and yourself to a darker place that may entrap you. Just like we have the power to design our fantasises according to our wants, we also have the power to snap out of Dream Land when reality beckons, it’s on us. Got to go now, it’s time to dream about creating documentaries and having my own cabin in the BBC headquarters, and who knows? Some of the dreams may just come true!


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