Pipe Dreams and Fantasies

Sailing into the horizon in a private yacht, having a walk-in closet like Carrie Bradshaw, winning the Nobel Prize, or maybe just having one day wherein you have absolutely no work or responsibilities to handle. These are the moments that drag us away from paying the rent money or rushing through the last-minute exam syllabus, … Continue reading Pipe Dreams and Fantasies

To the Youngest Man I Know

Dear Jawaan Ladka, For the longest time, we've celebrated your special day with adventurous activities, handmade cards, and the mandatory cake-cutting sessions. This year, I want to gift you something more personal, a tad more emotional, using the very gift that you've given me. It's one of those once-in-a-blue-moon moments wherein the expressive nature within … Continue reading To the Youngest Man I Know

Nights Like These

We lay under the starry night Him and I. Head full of thoughts, glasses full of wine. His figure next to mine hand in hand, gaze unfaltering As we beheld the universe in each other's eyes.  I glanced into the night and saw it... A shape? A constellation? Orion's belt I pointed it out and … Continue reading Nights Like These

The Procrastion Diaries

*Here's looking into the mind of the millions of procrastinators there are today. Unfortunately based on the observation, recollection, modification and addition of umpteen real-life events and procrastinators* Monday, 3:00 PM People tell me that I have a bad habit of procrastinating, not a tendency, a bad habit. They look down on me like I'm … Continue reading The Procrastion Diaries

And They Stood

And they stood, Far, far away from us on slippery sands beneath a scorching sun, on frosty glaciers braving treacherous winds, between towering trees of hostile wilderness They stood.   Calm, cautious, alert. Scanning the horizon with a steadfast gaze Pondering, their next move, the enemy's next move. Didn't matter the time or place, They … Continue reading And They Stood